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Debunking Some of the Most Common Korean Skincare Myths

The Korean beauty (K-beauty) is spreading wildly throughout the world. However,as effective and as popular it may be,there are still a lot of things people get wrong about it. Thus,it created many myths and misconceptions about Korean skin care. That’s why to clear up the confusion behind these,listed down below are the facts to debunk the lies surrounding them.

Lie #1: Korean Skin Care Is Only for Asian

Fact: This is one of the biggest K-beauty myths that ever appeared. Contrary to what many assume,Korean skin care works for anyone regardless of where you’re from. Just like everyone else,Koreans also deal with the same skin problem like acne,oiliness,dryness and etc. Asian or not,you can use their products because they are practically designed to solve skin problems and give you flawless glow.

Lie #2: You’ll Only Apply Sunscreen When It’s Sunny

Fact: Regardless of weather,be it a cloudy or sunny day,Koreans wear sunscreen all the time. In addition to sunscreen,they have their shades and hats ready to give them another layer of protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Since Koreans tend to have an obsession with getting even skin tone,they never skip sunscreen even when they’re indoors.

Lie #3: The Earlier You Start Using Anti-Ageing,the Faster You Age

Fact: Many Koreans have been known to start using anti-ageing even during their teenage days. As a result,most of them have youthful and amazing skin. This only goes to show that the earlier you start caring about your skin,the better your skin will look like as you age.

The world of K-beauty is full of misconceptions that are almost as good as truth. That’s why before you believe on anything,it’s important that you do your own research and verify whether what you know is fact. This way,you’ll find the best routine that would work for your skin.

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Marriage and Family Counseling

Is Marriage and Family Counseling Effective?
MFT is a goal-oriented form of therapy, which allows each individual to have something to work towards that will benefit the family as a whole. Sessions focus on each individual’s role in the family and how his/her behavior affects the family as a whole. The theory behind this style of therapy is that, regardless of whether a problem appears (either to one person or the family as a whole) to be because of one individual, getting the entire family involved will result in more effective communication, problem-solving strategies, and agreeing on a solution. Through this method, goals are able to be set and achieved, together, which can be a bonding experience in and of itself.

While some families may be dismayed if progress is not overtly made within the first few sessions, try to prevail. To the blind eye, things may not be moving along, but each bump in the road can be very therapeutic and lead to an engaging, enlightening dialogue.

This will allow for the participants and a certified therapist to come up with a list of goals for treatment and set any boundaries or “rules” to be observed, both in and out of session. Generating a list of rules that everyone is comfortable is crucial for open and honest communication. Think of things like confidentiality agreements and who everyone is comfortable having a session with. As treatment progresses and each person becomes more comfortable and confident with voicing their views, the problems, conflicts, and each individual’s role in them will become clearer to the top therapists– and hopefully each family member. From here, the group can begin to actively explore ways to resolve these issues together.